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9.9.2013 Claim Your YouTube Channel

Our consultative and analytical approach to web video messaging ensures a superior return on investment. Discover how you can reach more targets through media with greater viral impact. You can even track the results!

Websites NEED Video

Websites with video average 30% higher conversion than those without.
Current search technology gives website videos a 50X advantage over text in ranking on the first page.
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine – NOT Yahoo.
84% of Americans online are watching videos – 10 total hours each month.
Today's consumers have increasing control over their media. They can also easily avoid unwanted marketing messages. Marketers are being challenged to communicate succinctly – and may do so only where they are welcomed.

1.25.2013 Excellence + Authenticity = Effectiveness

Video is a powerful tool in the right hands. When done with excellence and authenticity it can effectively communicate your message and let your potential customer get to know you before the first phone call. With video you can share your best customer experiences or what sets you apart from the competition.

Midwest Sports Medicine partnered with WebRocket Video to produce videos of patient experiences, brief interviews with the doctors, information about their specialized procedures and powerful patient testimonials.They use high quality video on their website to tell potential patients everything they would want to know: Who we are, What we do, and testimonials from previous patients. This information in on-demand form allows patients to get their first questions answered so they are more than prepared for their first phone call.

In the video interview with Dr Eugene Lopez not only do you learn about his expertise but you begin to get to know him as a person. The video moves the doctor from being a name on a webpage to being the human being you'll want to meet. When the patient first walks in the door there is no longer a need to devote time to becoming comfortable with the doctor as the video already did it.

Midwest Sports Medicine is known for being the best at the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (link) procedure and wants potential patients to know about their procedure and its benefit. The video description can say and show more than a pamphlet or a phone call may ever do. It also saves time in the same way the patient has met the doctor via video.

They use video to tell their potential patients about themselves and what they do but the videos with the most impact are the stories from patients and their own experiences. The story of fireman Gary Gonzalez is an excellent example of how telling an authentic human story can make all the difference. His story lifts the information from dry, confusing bunches of complicated medical jargon to how Midwest Sports Medicine can change lives. That video (link) shows anyone who may suffer like Gary that there is hope for their problems just as Gary experienced. His story and similar videos (link Soccer athlete video) are the most valuable tool to connect with potential patients that are looking most of all for the results.

WebRocket's motto is "Your story. Delivered." When that story is delivered with authenticity and excellence it can be a powerful asset. It can be working to recruit and inform new clients like Midwest Sports Medicine better than a piece of paper and long after your offices close for the day. Video done well can secure a new client before they even walk through the door.

5.10.2012 The importance of a strong story

The last time we examined what makes a successful video for your business or organization we discussed the importance of the first key: a strong story. In summary, good stories will be personal, genuine, engaging and speak your audience's language. If you missed that article then go back and read it before continuing this one. You must have a good story before moving on to this second key.

Now that you are armed with a good, strong story, you must present it well. In much the same way that a well-written speech can be ruined by a dry, mono-tone person, so can a video be ruined despite having a strong story. The strong story must be accompanied by good quality audio, lighting and overall visual presentation. If not, the target audience may dismiss your product or services as poor quality.

When considering the audio aspect of your video you want to be sure that your message is heard clearly without distraction to the ear and mind. Avoid unnecessary background noise distractions like office activity, air conditioning fans, blowing wind, motor noises, etc. the list could go on forever. At the same time don't make your video sound like it is devoid of all natural life because you silenced everything. Try to make the environment as natural as possible for your presentation without compromising your message.

Lighting for your video may be more important than audio since video is primarily a visual medium. When considering your video make sure there is enough light so that the environment looks normal without being too dark or too bright and harsh. Remember that a camera is not yet as good as the human eye and that camera needs more light than your eye does. Much the same as audio, do not let too little or too much light cause your audience to be distracted from your message. Too dark may look like a home movie in a living room and too much light might look like it was shot in a school gym under harsh light.

The final element to consider is the overall visual appearance of the video apart from lighting. For example, if you are a doctor describing your practice while seated in your office, pay attention to what your desk area looks like. While it would be nice to have a framed picture of your family on the desk, several cherished crayon drawings from your five-year old son might be distracting. Another example may be if you are in a warehouse setting, you probably want to see employees working but may not want to see a forklift operating in the background.

Your video will have a strong foundation because of a good, strong story and on that foundation you will build a strong presentation of the story through attention to audio, lighting and other visual elements. As the process of creating an excellent video moves forward it can become daunting and that is where the help of professionals such as Chicago video production companies like WebRocket Video can help you sort out these challenges and help you deliver your message to your audience in a powerful way.

Chicago based WebRocket Video and it's Emmy award winning producers, videographers, editors, and marketing partners across the country can help your company create a presence online that can be shared and talked about in ways that no other commercial medium has ever been able to do. Not only can we create a lasting presence, we do it at costs that are significantly less than other mediums, and more importantly, it's measurable. Contact WebRocket today at (630) 448-0363

04.12.12 An Interview with WebRocket Video

A close friend of mine started the company in Chicago about three years ago and I've been watching his success ever since. I'm incredibly proud of the company he and his partner have built and so I thought I would share their story today.

Why video? Well here are just a few reasons I believe that video should be on every business owner's internet marketing RADAR.

Over sixty hours of video are uploaded every minute.
YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google.
YouTube sees over 150 million unique visits every month.
A website with video is fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of Google.
26% of customers who view a video, visit their local store.
21% of customers who view a video, make a purchase.
68% of the top 50 internet retailers use video on their website.
Shopnbc.com customers who watched videos on product pages converted at twice the rate of customers who did not.
With proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front page Google result by fifty-three times.
Video landing pages generate four to seven times higher engagement and response rates than static images and text landing pages.
If you're considering online video for your business (or your clients' businesses), there's a lot to be learned from this interview. Admittedly, it's about one particular video company, and I've already said he's a friend, so it's not an unbiased interview. BUT – there's a lot of good stuff here for anyone considering video as an element of their internet marketing strategy.

I had the privilege of speaking with Bob Barista (my friend) and Randy King (who has actually won four Emmy awards, BTW) about their company, WebRocket Video.

Tell me a little about the services that WebRocket Video provides.

We provide a solution to "tell your story, launch a product, describe a new service, brag about your people or better yet have your clients brag about you!" We talk to so many businesses that have tried to use print media or even their website tell their story, to get clients further down the sales cycle, only to find that people are impatient, that they tend to read less and less. But people are trained to click on a video and watch and listen. Our motto is "Your story. Delivered."

I'll tell you about an orthopedic surgeon we worked with. He said that for twenty years, every time he's seen a new patient, he's taken the time to tell them about his credentials, his staff, his style, his results – basically make them feel comfortable with him so that they'll choose him as their orthopedic surgeon. He said that after posting his videos on his website, clients don't want to hear his "sales pitch" when they first meet. They've seen his story online when doing their research and they've already made a decision and simply want to get a few questions answered and book their appointments. He's excited because he can be a doctor instead of a salesman and it saves him an unbelievable amount of time!

Why should businesses be concerned with online video when there are so many other internet marketing channels like search and social media available to them?

Video is a "key ingredient" in any of those other marketing channels. With compression technology and high speed internet, people have come to expect video. [Look at all the shared content on Facebook.] Video tells that story better than any social profile, tweet or ABOUT US page on a website. People can connect with the "characters" in a video a lot better than they can with a Linkedin profile or online biography. When they see a video, they are like, "That's the guy I want to work with!"

We worked with a contractor who had a tile man from Italy who does kitchens and bathroom remodels. In our video, he shows his hands – the hands of a tradesman who has been laying tile his whole life. He speaks in his broken English about how his parents and his parent's parents worked with tile. His passion for his trade comes through the video in a way that text could never portray. Potential clients now ask for Cristiano by name, wanting him to install their tile.

Our videos are not just another marketing agenda. They are all filmed documentary style with no scripts, no cue cards. They are… authentic. Our clients come across as real people, because that's what they are. Show me a tri-fold pamphlet or even a website that can do that.

How does Google treat your videos in the search results?

Google loves video. Several years ago, they started sharing blended/universal results [images, news, shopping, video] into the regular results. I'm sure you've Googled something at some point and gotten a video result on Google's page one. Well the truth is, there is very little content "behind" most of those videos online. We've figured out what it takes to enhance a video in a way that it shows up in the search results for specific keywords. I'd like to say that our videos find their way to Google in a few weeks or days, but the truth is, we've seen them get to page one in a matter of hours. Like I said, Google loves video.

What kinds of clients should consider video as part of their online strategy?

Anyone who wants to better tell their story. We've seen great results for folks in the medical profession and attorneys – businesses where the individual is the product. But it also works great for contractors or companies looking to hire college grads. I could see it working for anyone whose potential client is more likely to watch a story than read a webpage.

Is it expensive?

Here at WebRocket Video, we don't have any template stuff. If you were to ask me "how much for a 30 second video?" I'd answer by asking you questions. What are you trying to accomplish? Who is your target market? What are you selling? What makes your product or service unique and special? Anyone can sit you down in front of a book case in front of a camera and some fancy lights and have you read a script from some cue cards. But that's not going to do you any good.

You've got ten, maybe fifteen seconds to impress your viewer and if you don't capture their attention with a compelling story, you've lost them. So even if that video cost you less than $1000, it's just $1000 wasted. Video today is important, but bad video can be detrimental.

I understand consultative selling. I do. I appreciate that your videos are custom, but can you give me an average? What can a business expect to invest to get an on location video with quality music and graphics and good editing?

I think it's fair to say that we can do something like that for $1500 to $3000, again depending on the specifics and the need.

Wait. I've seen some of your videos. They look like something right off of "The Bachelor" or one of those other reality TV shows. I assumed those would be in the five to ten thousand dollar range.

Maybe we should increase our prices. Seriously. It doesn't have to be terribly expensive. For the cost of a Val-Pack or a Yellow Pages ad, we can produce some really great work that will enhance all of your other online marketing strategies.

And we deliver the content in whatever format the client needs it. If they want their sales team to be able to show the video on their smart phones and iPads, we can provide that. If they want the video uploaded to their facebook or Linkedin, we can do that. We can even help the client set up their own YouTube channel. We're not about filming a video and then passing the DVD across the desk, only to be done with the job. We're about creating a relationship with that customer. Our clients find themselves wanting more and more videos. It's contagious. Never before have they been able to communicate with their customers like this.

WebRocket Video is based in Chicago. Can you provide your services to other parts of the country?

Basically, I come from TV. I worked in television my whole life. I practically grew up in the back of a TV truck. I worked for Fox Sports for years and I have maintained relationships with videographers and producers in every city that has a professional football or baseball team. These are the kinds of people that work with WebRocket Video. Storytellers. Creative, collaborative people who know how to work with non-professionals [people who haven't been in front of a camera]. We know what questions to ask and how to make them look good. All the pauses and flubs and "uhhhms" are edited out so that our clients say things like, "I never knew I was that good on camera!" That's why our stuff looks like what you've seen on "The Bachelor". These aren't the industrial videos people have come to expect. Again, it all goes back to helping our clients "to better tell their story".

Where can people see examples of your work and how can they get hold of you?

Clients can visit our website www.webrocketvideo.com of course, but our best examples are on our YouTube channel.

Well thank you very much for your time. I know that the demand for online video is going to keep you guys real busy in the coming years. Best of luck to you.

It was a pleasure. Thanks.

02.20.12 A surgeon's confession. "You were right.."

At the onset of our meeting, our client said "You were right". Three words spoken behind a sly, knowing grin by a top orthopedic surgeon in response to the question "how are things going with your videos?" He continued. "For years, when first meeting a potential patient in our offices, I'd naturally go into my 10 minutes of conversation about my background, education, experience and our team... Now, potential patients stop me and say we've watched all your videos and know all about you, your office and what your patients like about you and your people and that's why we're here! These videos are unbelievable and a difference maker."

Businesses are quickly beginning to see benefits from online video that were never anticipated when the decision was made to add professional video to their online presence. While the impact of properly structured optimized video is seen almost immediately in site and social media statistics, other benefits reveal themselves over time.

Well produced video testimonials, company overview videos, product and service launches etc. are almost like having virtual versions of yourself and services available to a potential client 24/7. Real, repeatable, engaging representation of your organization establishing relationship and trust very early on in the sales cycle. What used to be only words on a page, literally come to life with video with real customers establishing credibility on your behalf. The guard comes down, and the perceived value of your product or service goes up smoothing out the curve. The initial face to face meeting with the potential client or patient becomes warmer as a result. They feel as if they already know you, and in a way they do, allowing you to spend more time focusing on their needs and solutions.

People buy from who they like and who they trust and online video is an irreplaceable tool in winning of the hearts and minds of your potential customers.

Web Rocket Video and it's Emmy award winning producers, videographers, editors, and marketing partners can help your company create a presence online that can be shared and talked about in ways that no other commercial medium has ever been able to do. Not only can we create a lasting presence, we do it at costs that are significantly less than other mediums, and more importantly, it's measurable.

01.16.12 In 2012 Marketing Managers Are Coming Out Of The Closet. Huge Cost Savings.

By coming out of the closet we're referring to marketing materials and brochures that end piled up in a closet or storage room only to be seen again by a dumpster.

We've all done it, and we've all seen it. A company, perhaps your own, spends weeks compiling, editing, agonizing over the font, colors and images, paying photographers to shoot product, looking at endless stock image pics for the right feel and flavor, some more editing, pre-print review, sending proofs and edits back and forth, and writing that check for thousands of dollars and then there it is, the perfect brochure! Ready to go to print. Thousands are ordered to be handed out and mailed out to anyone and everyone you can get them into the hands of. Sales people pile them into their cars, bags, stacks of them are placed into the bins in the supply room and in the companies waiting area. The buzz is palpable. This brochure may be the missing link in closing the sale.

Then what?

The sales people head out, anxious to hand them out to eager clients just waiting to read everything it has to say. We know what happens to those. They sit on the client's desk while the salesperson talks, after which they get "filed" somewhere. They get mailed to existing and potential clients in hopes that they will get the message that so many worked so hard to craft with all of those perfect words. We all open and read those right? Even if we do, will one person get the same message than the one next to them?

Video is the solution to what every marketer has wanted the ability to do but until now it was too cost prohibitive. With the advent of digital technology the cost of professionally producing that perfect message is now significantly more cost effective than most spend before a brochure ever goes to print. A message that gets told exactly the way to want, every time, across multiple platforms, that can be shared, edited, and found literally for as long as this fad called the Internet exists.

Web Rocket Video and it's Emmy award winning producers, videographers, editors, and marketing partners can help your company create a presence online that can be shared and talked about in ways that no other commercial medium has ever been able to do. Not only can we create a lasting presence, we do it at costs that are significantly less than other mediums, and more importantly, it's measurable. Conatct WRV today (630) 448-0363.

12.27.11 Video Production in the NFL's Super Bowl 2012

The 2011 NFL season is nearing an end, the playoff picture is nearly set, and we begin to think ahead to Superbowl XLVI (that's 46).

Remember the discussions around the water cooler on the Monday following the game, comparing which commercial was the funniest and kicking yourself if you missed one. It was almost more about catching the commercials than it was about watching the game.

Over the last several years companies have begun to realize that while the Superbowl reaches a huge audience (over 111 million viewers last year) the $3 million cost for 30 seconds of exposure doesn't make good financial sense if 30 seconds is all they get. It's there, and then it's gone. Enter the Internet...

Companies such and Pepsi and General Motors will continue to be seen during the Superbowl, but the exposure leading up to and after and how they go about it has changed. It's called crowd sourcing, using social media to create a buzz before and after the main event. Companies are using video and social media contests and discussions with the ultimate winners contributing to what the companies ultimately present to those 111 million viewers and the exposure that occurs is much greater than 30 seconds.

Web Rocket Video and it's Emmy award winning producers, videographers, editors, and marketing partners can help your company create a presence online that can be shared and talked about in ways that no other commercial medium has ever been able to do. Not only can we create a lasting presence, we do it at costs that are significantly less than other mediums, and more importantly, it's measurable.

Contact WebRocket Video's Rocketeers today to discuss your next great idea and together we'll create great content and let the world know.
WebRocket Video (630) 448-0363

05.10.11 Really? 73% of Consumers would, yet only 12% Realtors could...

A recent poll by Postling.com found that 73% of consumers would only work with an agent who utilized video, yet only 12% of real estate agents had YouTube accounts. This is a disconnect we are working hard to change. Coldwell Banker decided to make a change and now are reaping the benefits. With "touch" rates at 471% better than their traditional banner ad click throughs - who would dare argue? Brand Innovator Spotlight, Michael Fischer, Chief Marketing Officer of Coldwell Banker, has described the successful impact that online video and the iPad is having on the brand. As posted by Brandon Gutman of Forbes.com, Coldwell Banker has invested time and money in creating a very fluid website relaunch, iPad apps and a great "On Location" YouTube Channel. They had a vision for what our On Location channel could look like and approached Google and YouTube with our thoughts. They were intrigued and at the time were looking for opportunities to help YouTube shed its pure-entertainment label. They worked very closely with us and helped us become the first with IP lookup and to essentially have an unending amount of video storage space. Both sides have been very pleased and we continue to have a great relationship with them.
Contact WebRocket Video today to discuss your next great idea and together we'll create great content and let the world know.
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01.07.11 Home health care groups helping their clients and their families with video.

As this aging America continues to grow, By 2030, 71 million Americans will be over age 65, according to the U.S. Census. Home health care, much of it for the elderly, is one of the fastest-growing segments in the country's fastest-growing industry. Today, WebRocket Video has been working with one of the largest Midwest Home Health Care companies creating videos to help their patients going home and in need of specialty equipment and care. These home health care videos will help the patients and care givers - as a guide to the specialty health care products and equipment they are sent home with. For the first time, their care givers will be able to access a guided "how to" and "what if" video tour of their equipment. Imagine Mom or Dad calling you at work saying " my machines blue light is flashing... what does this mean?". Now that son,daughter or care giver can access the video created by their home health care company and watch the set up and what if's - how great is that! If you are in the health care industry and are in need of better telling your story, showcasing your product or services - contact WebRocket Video and prepare for an interesting conversation. http://www.WebRocketVideo.com

10.19.10 Ima show you, how great I am!

I recently watched an inspirational video working it's way through YouTube - with great narrative from Muhammad Ali's speech, Rocky, and Coach Carter. If you have a heartbeat - it'll race and give you goose bumps. It is a compilation of great moments of inspiration - It is what every business owner/ marketing manager knows is vital to their engine. Video, with the right narrative can do what paragraphs struggle with - delivering that message, right every time.
Web Rocket Video is a Video Production Company located in the Chicago market helping marketing managers, business owners, charities, NPO's and more to better tell their story via video. We have producers and videographers across the US and have video projects at work on both coasts and everywhere in-between each and every week. Allow us to tell your story. Web Rocket Video a Video Production Company in Chicago. WebRocketVideo.com

Search YouTube:
MOTIVATION - "Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure" - Best Inspirational Video Ever [Original]

06.24.10 Ford Fiesta vs Lamborghini

Ford Motor Company http://www.ford.com/ - the clear leader leader lately in sales, profits and... use of their home page. Ford has introduced video to that sacred ground - and I guarantee people are staying on their site longer. That video introduced 1 month ago has over 360,000 views to date - nice. All the studies have shown, having video on your homepage invites that consumer to press "play" and they stay longer. Part of video's tremendous growth and YouTube's heroic rise is the internet's ability to play video freely without interruptions as speed and compression technology has made that possible. Web Rocket Video has grown at neck-break speed as companies in and around Chicago have the need to tell their story right each and every time. Companies needing online video production in Chicago and across the country have called upon our Emmy Award winning teams to create quality video and have it found in search results! Call Web Rocket Video today at (630) 448-0363.

06.11.10 Google is Highly Caffeinated !

Now more than ever having a team to help you maximize or leverage your ability to be found in search is vital - give Web Rocket Video a call to help navigate Google's new Caffeine search results!

Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index, and it's the largest collection of web content we've offered. Whether it's a news story, a blog or a forum post, you can now find links to relevant content much sooner after it is published than was possible ever before.
Our old index had several layers, some of which were refreshed at a faster rate than others; the main layer would update every couple of weeks. To refresh a layer of the old index, we would analyze the entire web, which meant there was a significant delay between when we found a page and made it available to you.

With Caffeine, we analyze the web in small portions and update our search index on a continuous basis, globally. As we find new pages, or new information on existing pages, we can add these straight to the index. That means you can find fresher information than ever before – no matter when or where it was published.

Caffeine lets us index web pages on an enormous scale. In fact, every second Caffeine processes hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel. If this were a pile of paper it would grow three miles taller every second. Caffeine takes up nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. You would need 625,000 of the largest iPods to store that much information; if these were stacked end-to-end they would go for more than 40 miles.

We've built Caffeine with the future in mind. Not only is it fresher, it's a robust foundation that makes it possible for us to build an even faster and comprehensive search engine that scales with the growth of information online, and delivers even more relevant search results to you. So stay tuned, and look for more improvements in the months to come.

Call Web Rocekt Video today 630-448-0363

Posted by Carrie Grimes, Software Engineer
Our new search index: Caffeine
Tuesday, June 08, 2010 at 5:00 PM
(Cross-posted on the Official Google Blog)

05.05.10 9 ways to incorporate video into your ad plan

Consumers are receptive to video on websites, landing pages, search results pages, emails, and video-sharing sites because it is so engaging and self-explanatory. Video conveys information quickly and accurately, making it an excellent tool for marketers because consumers want to know more about the companies they deal with and the products/services they buy. Video is a very memorable medium. A study by The Wharton School of Business revealed that video improves comprehension and retention by 50 percent over a live presentation. Other studies have indicated that video speeds up buying decisions by 72 percent when compared to print. Therefore, company and product information communicated in videos can generate more leads and ecommerce sales.

Read the entire article at:
iMedia Connection
By Jason Prescott
May 04, 2010

05.04.10 Who doesn't want 40% growth?

We see the growth first hand at Web Rocket Video. Our new client growth surprises us month after month, but by design and hard work - a lot of our growth is via referrals. Every week clients contact us and have 1 or 2 companies that need/want to talk more about how video may help them. That's our sweet spot, we treat customers right and over-deliver on their video projects which in turn generates more business and their referrals.

Read more about this 40% growth here:

Why marketers are pouring online budgets into video.

According to the latest ad spend figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, video advertising saw the highest growth rate of all medium in the fourth quarter of 2009, wit spend up 39% to $US1 billion.

A survey from video advertising network BrightRoll indicated that 94% of agency executives planned to spend more on online video in Q1 2010 than the prior year. That proportion was 7% higher than in Q1 2009.

One reason is their satisfaction with online video's performance, says eMarketer. More than one-half of respondents considered video more effective than other forms of advertising, and 83% claimed they were getting more value for their video advertising dollars than a year ago.

Furthermore, online video's biggest liability in 2009, targeting capabilities, is now viewed as its greatest asset with more than six in 10 agencies saying that behavioural targeting had upped their video ad performance.

Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of BrightRoll, said, "Online video underwent a cycle of massive innovation in 2009, and has matured into a highly effective platform for advertisers to connect with their target audiences online."

However, agencies are still figuring out the logistics of video with some respondents claiming that videos that automatically start hurt their credibility the most. One-quarter were concerned with misrepresented preroll ads and videos that ended up below the fold.

Led by consumer goods, automotive, media and entertainment, interactive marketing will near $US55 billion by 2014, according to Forrester. Among other factors, the researcher attributed the increased spend directly to the evolution of online video.
UTALKMARKETING.com - article

04.23.10 Online video ads have big recall & they like 'em!

Web Rocket Video has always believed that video, if done correctly and distributed correctly can have your companies message carry some weight in your market place. Studies have found that online video ads have a 65% general recall, compared to 46% general recall for TV ads. Brand recall online is at 50% to TV's 28%; message online recall comes in at 39% to TV's 21%; and online likability is 26% to TV's 14%.

Call Web Rocket today: 630-448-0363

Media Post News
Online Ads Surpass TV Ads In Recall, Likability
by Wayne Friedman, 04/22/2010

04.07.10 Washington Post : Online Video spurs Ad Spend

As if the Washington Post listened in on our Web Rocket Video meetings with clients - to hear what we've been preaching. The news comes as no surprise here but the Post finds that some of the relative strength of Display advertising came from video ads and reached $1 billion.

Posted by:
The Washington Post
Online Advertising Revenues Climb Out Of The Trough, Boosted By Search, Display, And Video.
Erick Schonfeld
Wednesday, April 7, 2010; 7:55 AM

03.30.10 Verizon just picked one sweet Apple from the AT&T tree.

By 2013, video will account for 64% of North American mobile traffic - and Verizon will be better positioned after securing the iPhone. Verizon Wireless hopes to move 1 to 2 million AT&T Inc. customers over in the next one to two years. Blackberry, Palm and Motorola - all rivals will feel the movement the most as they have all lost market share to Apple and Google's smartphones.
Mobile messaging is now a major forum for video and the growth will create yet another vast video marketing channel for business.

Reuters U.S. edition 03/30/2010 UPDATE 1-Apple, Verizon shares rise on iPhone deal prospect

03.12.10 Webrocket launches new website

With the help of Weblinx Inc, WebRocket proudly announces the launch of our new website. Our New website features more robust video with full screen player capabilities. Feel free to browse the site and if you have any questions we are always happy to help.