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05.10.11 Really? 73% of Consumers would, yet only 12% Realtors could...

A recent poll by Postling.com found that 73% of consumers would only work with an agent who utilized video, yet only 12% of real estate agents had YouTube accounts. This is a disconnect we are working hard to change. Coldwell Banker decided to make a change and now are reaping the benefits. With "touch" rates at 471% better than their traditional banner ad click throughs - who would dare argue? Brand Innovator Spotlight, Michael Fischer, Chief Marketing Officer of Coldwell Banker, has described the successful impact that online video and the iPad is having on the brand. As posted by Brandon Gutman of Forbes.com, Coldwell Banker has invested time and money in creating a very fluid website relaunch, iPad apps and a great "On Location" YouTube Channel. They had a vision for what our On Location channel could look like and approached Google and YouTube with our thoughts. They were intrigued and at the time were looking for opportunities to help YouTube shed its pure-entertainment label. They worked very closely with us and helped us become the first with IP lookup and to essentially have an unending amount of video storage space. Both sides have been very pleased and we continue to have a great relationship with them.
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