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12.27.11 Video Production in the NFL's Super Bowl 2012

The 2011 NFL season is nearing an end, the playoff picture is nearly set, and we begin to think ahead to Superbowl XLVI (that's 46).

Remember the discussions around the water cooler on the Monday following the game, comparing which commercial was the funniest and kicking yourself if you missed one. It was almost more about catching the commercials than it was about watching the game.

Over the last several years companies have begun to realize that while the Superbowl reaches a huge audience (over 111 million viewers last year) the $3 million cost for 30 seconds of exposure doesn't make good financial sense if 30 seconds is all they get. It's there, and then it's gone. Enter the Internet...

Companies such and Pepsi and General Motors will continue to be seen during the Superbowl, but the exposure leading up to and after and how they go about it has changed. It's called crowd sourcing, using social media to create a buzz before and after the main event. Companies are using video and social media contests and discussions with the ultimate winners contributing to what the companies ultimately present to those 111 million viewers and the exposure that occurs is much greater than 30 seconds.

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