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01.16.12 In 2012 Marketing Managers Are Coming Out Of The Closet. Huge Cost Savings.

By coming out of the closet we're referring to marketing materials and brochures that end piled up in a closet or storage room only to be seen again by a dumpster.

We've all done it, and we've all seen it. A company, perhaps your own, spends weeks compiling, editing, agonizing over the font, colors and images, paying photographers to shoot product, looking at endless stock image pics for the right feel and flavor, some more editing, pre-print review, sending proofs and edits back and forth, and writing that check for thousands of dollars and then there it is, the perfect brochure! Ready to go to print. Thousands are ordered to be handed out and mailed out to anyone and everyone you can get them into the hands of. Sales people pile them into their cars, bags, stacks of them are placed into the bins in the supply room and in the companies waiting area. The buzz is palpable. This brochure may be the missing link in closing the sale.

Then what?

The sales people head out, anxious to hand them out to eager clients just waiting to read everything it has to say. We know what happens to those. They sit on the client's desk while the salesperson talks, after which they get "filed" somewhere. They get mailed to existing and potential clients in hopes that they will get the message that so many worked so hard to craft with all of those perfect words. We all open and read those right? Even if we do, will one person get the same message than the one next to them?

Video is the solution to what every marketer has wanted the ability to do but until now it was too cost prohibitive. With the advent of digital technology the cost of professionally producing that perfect message is now significantly more cost effective than most spend before a brochure ever goes to print. A message that gets told exactly the way to want, every time, across multiple platforms, that can be shared, edited, and found literally for as long as this fad called the Internet exists.

Web Rocket Video and it's Emmy award winning producers, videographers, editors, and marketing partners can help your company create a presence online that can be shared and talked about in ways that no other commercial medium has ever been able to do. Not only can we create a lasting presence, we do it at costs that are significantly less than other mediums, and more importantly, it's measurable. Conatct WRV today (630) 448-0363.