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02.20.12 A surgeon's confession. "You were right.."

At the onset of our meeting, our client said "You were right". Three words spoken behind a sly, knowing grin by a top orthopedic surgeon in response to the question "how are things going with your videos?" He continued. "For years, when first meeting a potential patient in our offices, I'd naturally go into my 10 minutes of conversation about my background, education, experience and our team... Now, potential patients stop me and say we've watched all your videos and know all about you, your office and what your patients like about you and your people and that's why we're here! These videos are unbelievable and a difference maker."

Businesses are quickly beginning to see benefits from online video that were never anticipated when the decision was made to add professional video to their online presence. While the impact of properly structured optimized video is seen almost immediately in site and social media statistics, other benefits reveal themselves over time.

Well produced video testimonials, company overview videos, product and service launches etc. are almost like having virtual versions of yourself and services available to a potential client 24/7. Real, repeatable, engaging representation of your organization establishing relationship and trust very early on in the sales cycle. What used to be only words on a page, literally come to life with video with real customers establishing credibility on your behalf. The guard comes down, and the perceived value of your product or service goes up smoothing out the curve. The initial face to face meeting with the potential client or patient becomes warmer as a result. They feel as if they already know you, and in a way they do, allowing you to spend more time focusing on their needs and solutions.

People buy from who they like and who they trust and online video is an irreplaceable tool in winning of the hearts and minds of your potential customers.

Web Rocket Video and it's Emmy award winning producers, videographers, editors, and marketing partners can help your company create a presence online that can be shared and talked about in ways that no other commercial medium has ever been able to do. Not only can we create a lasting presence, we do it at costs that are significantly less than other mediums, and more importantly, it's measurable.