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5.10.2012 The importance of a strong story

The last time we examined what makes a successful video for your business or organization we discussed the importance of the first key: a strong story. In summary, good stories will be personal, genuine, engaging and speak your audience's language. If you missed that article then go back and read it before continuing this one. You must have a good story before moving on to this second key.

Now that you are armed with a good, strong story, you must present it well. In much the same way that a well-written speech can be ruined by a dry, mono-tone person, so can a video be ruined despite having a strong story. The strong story must be accompanied by good quality audio, lighting and overall visual presentation. If not, the target audience may dismiss your product or services as poor quality.

When considering the audio aspect of your video you want to be sure that your message is heard clearly without distraction to the ear and mind. Avoid unnecessary background noise distractions like office activity, air conditioning fans, blowing wind, motor noises, etc. the list could go on forever. At the same time don't make your video sound like it is devoid of all natural life because you silenced everything. Try to make the environment as natural as possible for your presentation without compromising your message.

Lighting for your video may be more important than audio since video is primarily a visual medium. When considering your video make sure there is enough light so that the environment looks normal without being too dark or too bright and harsh. Remember that a camera is not yet as good as the human eye and that camera needs more light than your eye does. Much the same as audio, do not let too little or too much light cause your audience to be distracted from your message. Too dark may look like a home movie in a living room and too much light might look like it was shot in a school gym under harsh light.

The final element to consider is the overall visual appearance of the video apart from lighting. For example, if you are a doctor describing your practice while seated in your office, pay attention to what your desk area looks like. While it would be nice to have a framed picture of your family on the desk, several cherished crayon drawings from your five-year old son might be distracting. Another example may be if you are in a warehouse setting, you probably want to see employees working but may not want to see a forklift operating in the background.

Your video will have a strong foundation because of a good, strong story and on that foundation you will build a strong presentation of the story through attention to audio, lighting and other visual elements. As the process of creating an excellent video moves forward it can become daunting and that is where the help of professionals such as Chicago video production companies like WebRocket Video can help you sort out these challenges and help you deliver your message to your audience in a powerful way.

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