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1.25.2013 Excellence + Authenticity = Effectiveness

Video is a powerful tool in the right hands. When done with excellence and authenticity it can effectively communicate your message and let your potential customer get to know you before the first phone call. With video you can share your best customer experiences or what sets you apart from the competition.

Midwest Sports Medicine partnered with WebRocket Video to produce videos of patient experiences, brief interviews with the doctors, information about their specialized procedures and powerful patient testimonials.They use high quality video on their website to tell potential patients everything they would want to know: Who we are, What we do, and testimonials from previous patients. This information in on-demand form allows patients to get their first questions answered so they are more than prepared for their first phone call.

In the video interview with Dr Eugene Lopez not only do you learn about his expertise but you begin to get to know him as a person. The video moves the doctor from being a name on a webpage to being the human being you'll want to meet. When the patient first walks in the door there is no longer a need to devote time to becoming comfortable with the doctor as the video already did it.

Midwest Sports Medicine is known for being the best at the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (link) procedure and wants potential patients to know about their procedure and its benefit. The video description can say and show more than a pamphlet or a phone call may ever do. It also saves time in the same way the patient has met the doctor via video.

They use video to tell their potential patients about themselves and what they do but the videos with the most impact are the stories from patients and their own experiences. The story of fireman Gary Gonzalez is an excellent example of how telling an authentic human story can make all the difference. His story lifts the information from dry, confusing bunches of complicated medical jargon to how Midwest Sports Medicine can change lives. That video (link) shows anyone who may suffer like Gary that there is hope for their problems just as Gary experienced. His story and similar videos (link Soccer athlete video) are the most valuable tool to connect with potential patients that are looking most of all for the results.

WebRocket's motto is "Your story. Delivered." When that story is delivered with authenticity and excellence it can be a powerful asset. It can be working to recruit and inform new clients like Midwest Sports Medicine better than a piece of paper and long after your offices close for the day. Video done well can secure a new client before they even walk through the door.