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06.24.10 Ford Fiesta vs Lamborghini

Ford Motor Company http://www.ford.com/ - the clear leader leader lately in sales, profits and... use of their home page. Ford has introduced video to that sacred ground - and I guarantee people are staying on their site longer. That video introduced 1 month ago has over 360,000 views to date - nice. All the studies have shown, having video on your homepage invites that consumer to press "play" and they stay longer. Part of video's tremendous growth and YouTube's heroic rise is the internet's ability to play video freely without interruptions as speed and compression technology has made that possible. Web Rocket Video has grown at neck-break speed as companies in and around Chicago have the need to tell their story right each and every time. Companies needing online video production in Chicago and across the country have called upon our Emmy Award winning teams to create quality video and have it found in search results! Call Web Rocket Video today at (630) 448-0363.