Web Rocket Video is an online video production agency that creates multi-purpose, network-quality web videos for telling compelling marketing stories. The company also specializes in promotion, distribution and optimization of online videos.

Video Production - Dubuque, IA

Discover how you can reach more customers faster through compelling video production.

Web Rocket Video specializes in the creation of multi-purpose, network-quality web videos for Dubuque, IA businesses. With a staff of award-winning experts, we can write, film and edit the video that makes an impact with the message you wish to convey.

Your video production in Dubuque becomes even more powerful with targeted video marketing. Our distinctive 360-degree content-delivery strategy ensures that your web video reaches your audience at the points where they will be most receptive.

Your web video marketing can also ignite offline messaging through e-mail campaigns, which can improve click-through rates by up to 3X. We provide you with the resources to distribute your video through e-mail correctly.


Effective video marketing utilizes viral marketing as well. Through social-media and web-sharing sites, your video will have potentially exponential exposure. We can help you in this area as well so that your video production results in the widest possible distribution.


The production of your web video can have great versatility. It’s possible you need a corporate video featuring an executive spokesperson. Or, you might require a creative promotion of a special sale or offer. Web Rocket Video produces videos for online demonstrations and tutorials as well.

We can also optimize your web video so that the search engines are drawn straight to it when your targeted audience enters particular words and phrases.

There’s much to discuss concerning your opportunity to grow through specialized video production for Dubuque. Let’s talk about how you can raise awareness of your business through video production with targeted video marketing and viral marketing. If you have a compelling story, we’ll know how to tell it for you!